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    100+ years of local history

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    The South Queensland Lime site has a rich history dating back to the 1920’s with the original mining lease at the site being pegged by The Queensland Cement Company in 1916. In the early years the site was developed into a substantial Limestone Quarry which was used to supply lime to their cement works in Darra. As the mine grew, housing was constructed for workers and the settlement known as Cement Mills founded in 1917 with a school building relocated to the settlement for the children as the township grew.

    Following the sale of the mine to Acids Chemicals Fertilizers,  a fertiliser manufacturer in 1952, the production at Cement Mills again ceased in the 1960s with the settlement abandoned and housing demolished, though the school and recreation grounds remain at the site today.

    In the year 2000, a new additional lease was acquired after further local exploration by the company that is now known as South Queensland Lime looking to provide agricultural lime for land management and grit for poultry with further development of additional products planned.

    2014 saw the beginning of the mine expansion to increase reserves well out past the 20 year mark and was aligned with the construction of the of a new Fine’s plant to expand production capability into the super fine market. The construction continued over the next 6-year period provided additional storage and bagging facilities that enabled further expansion effectively doubling its capacity in production.

    This year, 2020, has seen a major development for South Queensland Lime with a change of owners and a new management team. With a complete rebrand of South Queensland Lime, this has brought new product developments, site facilities, machinery and an onsite lab enabling high level quality control and product research enabling further expansion into the mining and manufacturing industries.

    In line with the change of ownership, the team is embarking on a new chapter in their approach to organisational culture and safety with a strong focus on the South Queensland Lime team and their ongoing development, education and training to ensure we maintain high quality local employed team that is willing and capable to assist in any way possible.

    South Queensland Lime Pty. Ltd is a wholly Australian owned company.

    20+ years of compliant resource