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    Agriculture, Stock Feeds, Mining & Industrial Applications

    FINE LIME (-250um)

    Fine Lime is a -250um sized calcium carbonate product that is manufactured at our Gore site in Queensland using a crushing, milling and screening process producing a white to off-white product that is very consistent in size and quality.

    Fine Lime is used in a variety of animal feeds and supplements as well as other industrial manufacturing applications.

    Our Fine Lime is stored in silos on site and available in a variety of packaging options.

    Availability: 25kg bags | 1 or 1.2t Bulk Bags | Bulk

    For further information or more detailed product specifications, please contact our team.

    Commitment to quality

    Comprehensive service and supply

    • Over 20 years of compliant reserves available

    • 98% Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)

    • 39% Calcium (Ca) content

    • +20 years serving the market

    • Independent & agile

    • Sizing down to -75um.


    We can support

    We produce high quality ground calcium carbonate stone dust for explosion prevention in underground coal mines, acid sulphate soil treatment and pH water treatment.

    Leaders in producing lime products for glass manufacturing, industrial and functional fillers, water and soil treatments.

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