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We work closely with Queensland farmers, growers and primary producers to manufacture and supply a wide range of high quality natural minerals that support soil rehabilitation and promote optimal growing conditions.

Natural health

Essential Minerals

At South Queensland Lime, we are your trusted supplier of essential natural resources for maintaining optimal soil pH levels. Our commitment to providing top-quality products ensures that when you choose our products, you can be confident in achieving the best yields.

Our limestone is a cornerstone in the horticultural industry, widely utilised to manage soil pH effectively, boost crop yields, and foster robust growth. What sets SQL apart is our capability to produce substantial volumes of consistently high-quality material. This feature has made our products a preferred choice among farmers. In addition to limestone, our Natural Gypsum plays a crucial role in the horticultural sector by improving soil health and augmenting water retention. Acting as a swift source of calcium and sulphur, it proves ideal for horticultural applications. Moreover, Natural Gypsum serves as an excellent clay breaker, enhancing water penetration and retention in irrigated areas without impacting soil pH. Trust South Queensland Lime to be your partner in cultivating healthy, productive soils for optimal agricultural outcomes.