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Agriculture & Livestock

From fertiliser elements to animal and poultry feeds, feedlot supplements, and soil conditioning, South Queensland Lime supplies a variety of high-quality products

Natural health

An Essential Mineral

Calcium carbonate is an important component for the healthy growth and development of all livestock and domestic animals and is regularly used in feed supplements. It supports bone and skeleton development in young animals, helps with milk production for all animals, assists in the retention of nutrients and strengthens eggshells for egg laying hens.

Our limestone is used extensively in the agriculture and livestock industries and is used widely to manage soil pH, enhance crop yields and support healthy growth. It is a major additive in the poultry and livestock sectors as a source of calcium and is regularly added to the diet of chickens, pigs, sheep, horses and cattle via purpose manufactured feeds and liquid supplements. SQL’s ability to process limestone all the way down to -75um and produce large volumes of consistent high-quality material makes our products a favourite with all farmers and producers.