The Australian Way

Local ownership
and operations

South Queensland Lime is a vertically integrated Australian owned and operated company that extracts, produces and transports natural industrial and agricultural minerals across South East Queensland and beyond. We support local employment and have long established resources and operations across the region. South Queensland Lime is part of the wider Australian Agricultural Minerals Group.

A Greener Way

100% Natural

South Queensland Lime is one of Australia’s leading producers of high-quality calcium carbonate limestone products in Queensland and throughout Australia. South Queensland Lime is a proud long-standing independent supplier to the Agricultural, Horticulture, Industrial and Mining industries with a proven track record of supplying high-quality grit, fine and superfine limestone products. With over 20 years of confirmed high-quality limestone reserves, we are confident we can and will meet your needs now and well into the future.

Best methods

Natural resources
to increase yield

At South Queensland Lime we supply all the necessary natural resources to maintain the optimal PH levels of your soil. When you use our quality products on your farm you’ll be assured of the best yield.

A Queensland Legacy

Quality Applications

We source, supply and distribute premium natural resources to South Queensland industry partners.

Acid Sulphate soil remediation
Agriculture and Horticulture
Mining and rehabilitation
Fertiliser Manufacturing
Industrial Applications

Agriculture & Livestock

From fertiliser elements to animal and poultry feeds, feedlot supplements, and soil conditioning, South Queensland Lime supplies a variety of high-quality products.


Raise soil pH and reduce acidity, supply calcium and magnesium to your fields and improve the uptake of NPK

Mining & Rehabilitation

We produce high quality ground calcium carbonate stone dust for explosion prevention in underground coal mines, acid sulphate soil treatment and pH water treatment.


Leaders in producing lime products for glass manufacturing, industrial and functional fillers, water and soil treatments.

Tools and Resources

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