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Mining & Rehabilitation

South Queensland Lime plays a pivotal role in mining production and rehabilitation by supplying essential minerals crucial for the safety, restoration and rejuvenation of mining sites. Our minerals, including Calcite, Natural Gypsum, Dolomite, and Stone Dust.

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Essential Minerals

At South Queensland Lime, we understand the importance of quality minerals for the mining industry.

Limestone holds substantial value within the mining sector, offering advantages in water treatment (Calcite & Filter Stone), control of acid sulphate soils, and specialized applications such as managing explosions in underground coal mines (Stone Dust). Natural Gypsum serves as a versatile amendment in mine site rehabilitation, addressing multiple challenges associated with disturbed landscapes. Its application is instrumental in fostering ecological resilience, promoting biodiversity, and facilitating the establishment of sustainable ecosystems in areas affected by mining activities. Gypsum improves water infiltration, preventing surface runoff and erosion and enhancing water retention in the soil. It supports plant establishment and reduces the risk of water scarcity in rehabilitated areas. By supplying these essential minerals, SQL empowers mining rehabilitation efforts, ensuring that post-mining landscapes can be transformed into thriving ecosystems. Our commitment to quality and sustainability aligns with the goal of restoring the environmental balance of mining sites and promoting ecological resilience. Trust SQL to be your partner in sustainable and safe mining practices and effective site rehabilitation. SQL is strategically located to supply materials in many mining areas throughout QLD and NSW.