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Spreading and Supply

Fully spread, delivered in bulk or collected from us, you make the choice.

The North Queensland Way

Our Farming Fleet

With our diverse range of custom-built spreaders and transport fleet you have more ways to get you products to where you want them to be. Have our products delivered in bulk or have us save you time and effort and do all the work for you using our purpose-built equipment.

Truck Spreaders

Truck spreaders with tandem drive, lock up back ends and a spreading with of 9.5m make up most of our fleet. they are perfect for covering fallow ground, ratoon cane, pasture, road stabilisation, agricultural and industrial ponds, mine rehabilitation and many more applications.

4 x 4 Truck Spreaders

Our 4 x 4 truck spreaders have spinners and are used for spreading and broadcasting fertilisers in pastures, soft country or any specialised areas that are not suitable to boom spreaders or require a different approach.


Our tractor-trailer combinations with spinners are much narrower than other spreaders and are specifically designed for banana’s, orchards, peanuts, prawn ponds and plated cane. These units throw the product out of the sides of the spreader so that the product lands directly on the desired areas to be treated.

High Flotation Spreaders

Our high floatation spreader is designed for applications where low compaction is required in agriculture or sandy ground. This type of spreader is also used for acid-sulphate soil treatment in very boggy conditions associated with housing developments, sub-divisions and road stabilisation.

Freight and Bulk Options

We have a fleet of semi-tippers and truck and dog combinations with specialised conveyor systems specifically designed to fill our spreaders on site or deliver in bulk to a specific location.